Club Sponsors


Please give them the first call


Hit the links below for Website and Telephone information

Artificial Lawn Company


Health and Safety 


Westsole Fencing Co Ltd


W. Naylar & Son 

Funeral Directors


Medway Blinds & Curtains


Mayfair Drives


Beadles Toyota


Roko Health Club


In Action Bowlswear


The CSBC welcomes sponsors as they provide important additional funds for the club.  


The Sponsorship Officers are responsible for attracting new sponsors but any suggestions from club members are always very welcome. 


Care is taken to ensure that any sponsors advertising with the club are not in direct competition with one another.


Sponsors details are advertised on boards erected to the inside of the club’s boundary fence and on the club’s web-site; they are also included in the club’s Fixture Books and the company name is printed as a footer on the club’s formal letters.


The Sponsor Officers contact details are as follows:


Derreck Sherress: 07526 422836


Tracey Burton: 01634 364165